Was A Republican Billboard Campaign Was A Huge Success

Thanks to all of our supporters who helped to rain on Obama's parade and expose the fallacy of Obama's comparing himself to MLK!

The Democrats showed up in Denver for their convention to anoint Obama as the "Messiah" and were greeted by our MLK billboards.  The Democrats were not happy campers!  

An indication of the success of our MKL billboard campaign came from an unlikely source.  One liberal pundit, Jeffrey Toobin, lamented on CNN that "Barack Obama will not assume the mantle of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr."  YES! 

Our MLK billboard campaign worked and stopped Obama dead in his tracks.  Obama was poised to give his political acceptance speech on the 45th anniversary of MLK's inspirational "I Have a Dream" civil rights speech.  Obama is no MLK.  Obama is a far left-wing radical Democrat who does not share our values.  MLK was a minister and a Republican who embraced our traditional values. 

Click here to see photographs of some of the more than 50 MLK was a Republican billboards in metro Denver, Colorado

And click here to see billboard photographs in additional locations.