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Remembering Black Republican History         


NBRA Chairman Frances Rice    

Video:  Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was a Republican 
(Affirmed By Dr. Alveda C. King- Niece of MLK)   

“Oh No, President Johnson Did Not Mastermind Selma Marches, Says Civil Rights Leader” by D.L. Chandler    

“America’s Most Influential Thinker on Race - Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas’s insights are reshaping law and policy for the better” by Juan Williams 

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First Blacks in Congress – All Republicans (Complete List)   

Historical Black Republican leaders - Photos    

Black Republican Leaders Today - Photos  

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Martin Luther King, Jr. was a Republican Information - NBRA Civil Rights Newsletter     

To see the entire legal brief of Rev. Wayne Perryman’s lawsuit against the Democratic Party for that party’s 200-hundred history of racism, for which they have never apologized, click here.

"Republicans and Democrats Did Not Switch Sides On Racism" by Frances Rice  

Video:  Wayne Perryman: The Republican Party - The Party of Freedom and Equality for Black Americans


President Ronald Reagan signs MLK Day Bill   

“The good that Reagan did for black America” by Joseph Perkins    

“Ronald Reagan -- More of a Friend to Blacks Than Obama?”  by Michael Reagan     

“The Constitution Did Not Condone Slavery” 
by Ken Blackwell and Bob Morrison   

“Conservatism does not equal racism.  So why do many liberals assume it does?”   by Gerard Alexander    

MLK's August 28, 1963 March on Washington   

Text: MLK’s I Have a Dream Speech     

Video:   I Have a Dream Speech    

“Dr. King, Religion and Freedom “ by Star Parker     

Video:  Part I  American Heritage- Slavery, Democrats, amendments, KKK    

Video:  Part II - American Heritage- KKK Lynching (killing) Republicans    

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Was A Republican  

Video:  Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was a Republican - Affirmation by his niece     

The Myth of the Racist Republican By Gerard Alexander    

Nixon's Southern Strategy - Co-architect Pat Buchanan explains the origin and intent of the strategy  

“The ‘Southern Strategy’ Debunked Again” by Steven Hayward  

Why Do Blacks Vote For Democrats?  
Whites, Blacks, & Racist Democrats:  The Untold History of Race and Politics within the Democratic Party from 1792-2009 

Why are most blacks in America Democrats?

You will have to answer that question yourself. After reading this book, you will understand that:

  • For over 150 years, blacks were victims of terrorist attacks by the Democrats and their Klan supporters, including lynching, beating, rapes and mutilations
  • On the issue of slavery, the Democrats literally gave their lives to expand it; the Republicans gave their lives to ban it.
  • Many believed the Democrats had a change of heart and fell in love with blacks. To the contrary, history reveals the democrats didn't fall in love with black folks, they fell in love with the black vote knowing this would be their ticket into the white house.

Comparison:  Democrats and Republicans 

Author Michael Scheuer described the Democratic Party.  The Democratic Party is the party of the four S’s:  

  • Slavery
  • Secession
  • Segregation
  • Socialism

A prominent pundit summarized the Republican Party.  The Republican Party is the party of the four F’s:

  • Faith
  • Family
  • Freedom
  • Fairness 

Obama The Race-baiter Harms Blacks 

“Obama’s community college plan would hurt HBCUs” 

“Only one of Obama’s Promise Zones is majority-Black” 

“Obama’s Economy Leaves Black Americans Behind” 

“Obama's Nightmare Presidency” by Raynard Jackson 

“How the Obama Administration Failed to Support HBCUs” 

“Martin Luther King, Jr. Niece:  ‘Moral Bankruptcy’ Ruling DC Under Obama”    

Voter ID and Voting Rights 

“Poll: Most Black Voters Support Voter ID Laws” by  Donovan X. Ramsey   

“Voter ID notches another huge success in Mississippi” by John Hayward   

“Obama vs. Voter ID” by Jason L. Riley   

“Voting Rights Progress - The Supreme Court rolls the clock forward on election law”  

To see the full Supreme Court opinion holding Section 4 of the 1965 Voting Rights Act unconstitutional, click here.  

“A Civil-Rights Victory” By John Fund   

“The Good News About Race and Voting - Election polling data show that few Americans of any race report any problems casting a ballot” By Andrew Kohut  

“WH Touts Kenyan Program to Obtain National ID Cards for Voter Registration” By Jeryl Bier  

What Can Republicans Do To Help Blacks?

“Still Right on the Black Family After All These Years -The warnings that Daniel Patrick Moynihan sounded 50 years ago have come true. Will liberals ever forgive him?” by Jason L. Riley 

“You Don't Have to Stay Poor” By Walter E. Williams   

Video:  What Can Republicans Do For The Black Community? 


Happening Now In The News    

Shock Video: Chicago Black Activists Unchained - Trash Democrat Leaders   

Oscar Micheaux: The Czar of Black Hollywood

The Czar of Black Hollywood™ is an award-nominated documentary film chronicling the life and career of African-American filmmaker Oscar Micheaux (1884-1951).  DVD Available on Amazon (click here) 

Also available on DVD at: 

The Black-O-Scope Show  


Video Trailer: The Black-O-Scope TV Show With Teddy Lane, Jr. 

“The Black-O-Scope TV Show: A Different Look at Race in the U.S.A.” by Dr. Rich Swier 

In The Hour Of Chaos Documentary 

"In the Hour of Chaos" Documentary is the little-known story of the Reverend Martin Luther King, Sr. (Daddy King) and his inspirational ability to persevere despite the tragic loss of his firstborn son, Martin Jr., to an assassin's bullet in Memphis, the mysterious drowning of his youngest son Alfred and the shocking murder of his wife Alberta.  View the trailer, CLOCK HERE.


Book:  “Daddy King and Me: Memories of the Forgotten Father of the Civil Rights Movement” by Murray M. Silver.  Available on Amazon.  To order, CLICK HERE 

“Because of the Color of Their Skin” Documentary By Rev. Wayne Perryman chronicles 395 years of black history and is now available on DVD.  To order, Click Here.   

“Profiles of African-American Success” Documentary is a groundbreaking film thatcelebrates twelve Black entrepreneurs who succeeded against the odds.  To see the completed episodes, CLICK HERE.  

Album: "Weapon of A.S.S. Destruction" By Alfonzo Rachel  

An un-corny, Christian, conservative collection of thoughts with a good time delivery from one of those supposedly stuffy Republicans.  Weapon of A.S.S. Destruction (American Socialist States) is a work to help defend against the projections and false accusations from a party that has an ass as it's party symbol. Despite the bigoted, sexist, and violent track record of the Democrat party, the Republicans get blamed for all the evil nasty things the democrats have done.

Black Republican Leaders   

“I'm Young, African American, Female and ... Republican!“ By Chelsi P. Henry  

Video: “The New Class of Black Republicans” By Orlando Watson   

Black Republicans Make History            

           Mia Love and Tim Scott 

Mia Love of Utah won a seat in the House of Representatives, making her the first black Republican woman in Congress and also the first ever Haitian-American ever in Congress.   Senator Tim Scott’s win marks the first time an African American has been elected in the South to the Senate since Reconstruction. The win also makes him the first ever African American to serve in both the House and Senate.   They are joined in Congress by RNC Rising Star and black Republican Will Hurd who won his bid in Texas.  


Republican Senator Tim Scott, Democrat Senator Cory Booker and Tavis Smiley  

Video:  Part 1 of an exclusive interview with the only two African-American members currently serving in the U.S. Senate.  

Video:  Part 2 of an exclusive interview with the only two African-American members currently serving in the U.S. Senate.  

The Pathway to Black success 

Book:  “Please Stop Helping Us: How Liberals Make It Harder for Blacks to Succeed” By Jason Riley   Click Here to order.  

“If Minimum Wage Is So Great, Why Cite Bogus Study?” By Larry Elder

Gun control is rooted in Democratic Party Racism

"Supreme Court Affirms Racist Origins of Gun Control" by Frances Rice - Comments on the US Supreme Court's June 28th McDonald v. City of Chicago ruling that the Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms applies to state and local governments.  This case was filed by a black man, Otis McDonald and highlights that gun control laws are rooted in the Democratic Party's racist past when Democrats passed "Black Codes" that prohibited newly freed slaves from owning guns for self defense.  To read this article visit the NBRA Black Republican Blog.

"Thomas' Principled Jurisprudence in Arms Case" by Michael Barone  

"Gun Control’s Racist Origins" by Nicholas J. Johnson  

“Direct Correlation Between Gun Control and Black People Control”   

Video:  Black conservatives - NRA created to protect freed slaves   

Video:  What a gun ban means for black Americans and the Second Amendment   

Video:  Cornel West: 'Coward' Obama Doesn't Care When 'Black Folk' Get Shot, Only When 'Vanilla' Children Do   

The First Blacks In Congress - All Republicans    


The complete list of the first black Republicans elected to Congress during the Reconstruction era is provided here.  On the list are the first two black Senators and the 21 black members of the House of Representatives.     

Copies of the above poster can be ordered from WallBuilders.  It features images and information about the first six black Congressmen and the first black Senator (all Republicans) to serve in the federal congress.  WallBuilders provides other products about black history, including "American History in Black & White - Setting the Civil Rights Record Straight"

Racist Democrats 

"Black Anger: Who's to Blame?" by Paul R. Hollrah

"Moral Decay in the Streets of Baltimore" by Armstrong Williams 

“Why Democrats Are the Party of Inequality” 

“People Committed Terrible Deeds In The Name Of Democrats” by W. James Antle III 

"Leftists become incandescent when reminded of the socialist roots of Nazism" by Daniel Hannan 

Video:  For Blacks: Rich, Black and Hated by All 

Socialism Causes Economic Enslavement

Obama's Plan to Enslave Blacks - A cartoon created for the NBRA by Brett Noel provides a chilling look at the future of black Americans under a Barack Obama Administration as "Socialist Slaves" dependent on government handouts on the Democratic Party's economic plantation.  As a corrupt Chicago "Community Organizer" for 20 years, Obama produced unlivable slums and wants to repeat his failure for the rest of America.  

“Socialism is the philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy.  Its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery.”  ~ Winston Churchill 

Senator Dirksen – Civil Rights Champion

Republican Senator Everett Dirksen

Senator Everett Dirksen was instrumental to the passage of civil rights legislation in ‘57, ‘60, ‘64, ‘65 and ‘68.  Click here to see details.  

The 2014 Election

The Loser

                             Karl Marx

Founding Father of Oppression

  • Right dictated by the state
  • Forced wealth re-distribution
  • Government-run economy
  • Mediocrity rewarded
  • Collective ownership
  • Free speech silenced
  • Gun ownership banned
  • Government dependency
  • Authoritarian rule
  • People fear their government
  • Tyranny  

Republicans Promote Diversity  
(click on Diversity image below for larger view)   


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The 2014 Election

The Winner

                       George Washington

Founding Father of Freedom

  • Right granted by God
  • Sharing based on love
  • Free-market capitalism  
  • Excellence rewarded
  • Private property rights
  • 1st Amendment rights
  • 2nd Amendment rights
  • Individual responsibility
  • We, the people
  • Government fears the people
  • Liberty

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